• August Pepperologist Picks

    This month, our Pepperologist Pick is Yellowbird’s Serrano Condiment! Based out of Texas, Yellowbird makes clean, fresh, organic spicy condiments that taste great! This one has a good amount of heat, a bright cucumber flavor, and a nice, flavorful finish.


    Our Hot Sauce Deal of the Month is the line of CaJohns fiery hot sauces! These award-winning sauces are all fantastic, have great, clean taste, and deliver on heat and flavor!

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  • Don’s Pepperologist Pick June 2018

    Pepperologist Pick: Goss Hot Sauce Colon Plow


    Goss Sauce is Boss! (See what I did there?) Goss’s Colon Plow is my Pepperologist Pick for the month of June, and boy is this one a tasty one! Some people stop me and say, “Don, this isn’t a hot sauce, it’s more like a salsa.” But a good friend of mine always told me that if you call it a hot sauce,

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  • Pepperologist Picks May 2018

    Don is back again with his Pepperologist pick and Hot Sauce Deals of the Month for May! Keep it flavorful and keep it hot!

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  • Jungle Jim’s Hot Sauce of the Month: March 2018

    Don, our pepperologist, is here with his Hot Sauce of the Month once again. For March we are featuring Chili Rocks Fiery Red! You might be familiar with this product.  It’s similar to your favorite Louisiana-style hot sauce made with red habanero peppers, vinegar and salt.

    This sauce would go great on all chili dishes, such as spaghetti or coneys. It would be an excellent  addition to any fish or chicken dish, as well.

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  • January Hot Sauce of the Month – Bravado Spice Co. Serrano & Basil

    ​For those who have been following along with us the past couple of years, it should come as absolutely no surprise that January’s Hot Sauce of the Month comes to us from one of the most consistently delicious purveyors of hot sauce around, Bravado Spice Co.

    And like any company trying to stay ahead of the curve, Bravado Spice Co. has brought something new and exciting to the shelves – Serrano & Basil Hot Sauce.

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  • December Hot Sauce of the Month – Don Victor Piquin Sauces

    With a base consisting of it’s namesake, the hotter-than-a-jalapeno piquin pepper, these sauces aim for both heat and taste, but allow the heat to take a backseat to highlight all of the delicious flavors to be found in the sauce. Already slightly smoky, sweet, and fruity, these peppers lend themselves well to Don Victor’s signature blends, where only mild additions are made to help round out each the 3 piquin sauces they produce.

    Green Piquin –

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  • September Hot Sauce of the Month – Sabor! Mexican-Style Hot Sauce

    ​For September, we’re taking another look south of the border – at least as far as flavor goes. Texas Pete has, coincidentally, named his Mexican-style hot sauce Sabor!, which is Hispanic for taste or flavor. 

    Bursting with overtones of garlic, this medium heat, deep red sauce also shows up with a bit of vinegar to start, chili powder for some extra depth, as well as cumin and sea salt to bring out all of the other great,

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  • Frankie V’s Kitchen – August 2017 Hot Sauce of the Month

    ​This month, we’re highlighting some of our favorites hot sauces to share with those who think they don’t like hot sauce. Much like craft beer, we like to think there’s a hot sauce for everyone – it’s just a matter of finding the one’s the speak to you! 

    With that in mind, we have a few options, but we felt like Frankie V’s Kitchen offered a great opportunity for us to talk about depth of flavor and varieties of heat at the same time.

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  • July 2017 Hot Sauce of the Month – Melinda’s Hot Sauce

    ​With a full line-up consisting of spicy, flavorful and approachable varieties, Melinda’s Hot Sauce shows off their hot sauce knowhow with ease and style. Running the gamut from basic to intensely spicy, all 9 flavors offer fiery food fans an opportunity to taste through the full spectrum of heat and flavor.

    A fun fact: Melinda’s is credited as the first brand to introduce both sauces made with habanero and sauces with multiple heat levels.

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  • New in the Jungle: Surrender The Booty Hot Sauce

    ​Are ye lookin’ fer a way t’ spice up yer grub? How about some help from ole Surrender Th’ Booty Ghost Ship Hot Sauce! Th’ ship comes wit’ all tree flavors: Caribbean Red, Ghost Pepper, ‘n Chile Lime. 

    This Ghost Ship be a great gift fer any pirate or spicy grub lover!

    Check it out in th’ hot sauce section in either store by th’ firetruck, but call fer availability ’cause these ships are a sailin’

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