• Discover Ohio with Mackenzie Creamery

    Mackenzie Creamery is an Ohio-based goat farm located in Hiram, a village to the southeast of Cleveland. Mackenzie Creamery was started by founder Jean Mackenzie, who always had a passion for cheese-making. In 2007, after attending just two cheese-making classes, Jean decided to turn her favorite hobby into her life’s work, and founded Mackenzie Creamery. Fast forward ten years, and Mackenzie Creamery has become one of Ohio’s favorite local businesses! Their goat cheeses have won several awards,

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  • Raw Milk Cheese Month at the Cheese Shop

    This May at the Cheese Shop, we’re featuring cheeses made with raw milk! A raw milk cheese is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It’s cheese made with raw, or unpasteurized, milk. For thousands of years, all cheese was raw milk cheese because pasteurization wasn’t common until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, it’s now more common to make cheese with pasteurized milk, making raw milk cheeses somewhat hard to find, especially in America.

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  • Oh, Sheep! Sheep Milk Month at the Cheese Shop

    This month at the Jungle Jim’s Cheese Shop, we’re celebrating everything sheep!

    Sheep milk cheese is often very rare and harder to find than cow or goat milk cheeses. This is partly because sheep only have two teats while cows have four. This means that sheep produce less milk than their bovine counterparts, and, resultantly, sheep cheese is not as popular in the United States.

    However, the rarity of sheep milk has made sheep cheese one of the world’s most popular cheeses!

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  • Smoke and Bacon Month at the Cheese Shop

    This month, we’re highlighting anything and everything in the Cheese Shop that has to do with smoke and bacon, two popular flavors that blend together beautifully!

    You can find cheese with different intensities of smoke flavors. Apple smoked and maple smoked cheeses have lighter smoky flavors and are good for people that prefer milder flavors. However, if you’re looking for a cheese with a stronger flavor, you may be interested in beech or oak smoked cheeses,

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  • English Cheese Month at the Cheese Shop

    This January in the Cheese Shop, we’re showcasing cheeses from England! Some of the best cheeses in the world come from England, including cheddar and stilton. Many people don’t know that cheddar cheese was actually invented in Cheddar, a village in Somerset. The English also have some of the most inventive cheese flavorings found anywhere in the world. We especially love our selection of unique, spicy English cheeses. Personally, they’re some of my absolute favorite cheeses in our Cheese Shop.

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  • French Cheese Month at the Cheese Shop

    This month in the Cheese Shop, we’re masquerading as Francophiles and celebrating the beautiful cheeses of France! We’ll be highlighting everything from soft-ripened Bûcheron, the amazing, melty Comté, and, of course, Brie! France may not be the birthplace of cheese, but it is where cheese grew up and became a sophisticated food. Nowadays, French cheeses are some of the most in-demand cheeses in the world.


    Cheesemaking really took shape in France in the monasteries in the Middle Ages.

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  • Alpine Cheese Month with Adopt an Alp

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  • American Cheese Month at the Cheese Shop

    In the United States, we take pride in many beloved traditions that originated in other countries. Pizza came from Italy. Fancy cars come from Germany, where the highway was invented. Even democracy, and its ideals that we hold so dearly, originated in Athens and is fundamentally rooted in Ancient Grecian philosophies. Nowadays, we call many of these things American. We have Chicago-style pizza, Ford trucks, and American democracy. All of these things are now regarded as quintessentially American and are evidence of our tendency,

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  • Meet Your New Best Friend: The Goat

    During the month of August, the Cheese Shop at Jungle Jim’s is celebrating goat cheese! Many people turn up their nose when it comes to goat cheese, and some seem to think of it as an odd, hipster alternative to the regular old cheese that we’re all used to eating. We’re here to tell you that that’s simply not the case.There are a number of reasons to eat and enjoy goat cheese, so we hope that learning a little bit about it will encourage you to expand your palate and bring something new to your table!

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  • The Unlikely Black Market that Preserved Spanish Cheesemaking

    Spain has lived through the Visigoths, the Moors, and the 700-year Reconquista. They went on to conquer giant swaths of the new world and became the second most-spoken language in the world. But they have a fraught history with cheese. Many people these days take Spanish cheeses for granted, and probably eat Spanish cheeses regularly. Sure, throw a Manchego here on this tray, or a Drunken Goat on this board, but what about the history of these foods?

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