• Jungle Jim’s Newest Attraction Is Coming Soon!

    • Posted: 3/27/2018
    • Categories: Candy

    Jungle Jim’s, on April 21st, will be revealing something very “sweet”  that has been kept a secret since December. This “sweet” surprise will be something you have to see to believe!

    So what is it? Sorry, we can’t ruin the surprise! What we can tell you is that there are only 50 in the world like it. It was delivered to us by truck all the way from California and will become part of our Fairfield store’s permanent decor.

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Candy Canes…

    It’s the holidays, so that can only mean… 

    Weird stuff at Jungle Jim’s International Market.

    So we’re excited to showoff some of our favorite holiday candies from last year, and with them, some new flavors to taunt friends and family with.

    Check ’em out. Bacon & Gravy Flavored Candy Canes

    Coffee & Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes Krampus (Cinnamon) & Wasabi Candy Canes Pickle & Coal (Smoky Cinnamon) Candy Canes Which ones will YOU try? Read article
  • Holidays at the Jungle – Reindeer Candy Cane Craft Event!


    ​Nothing says Christmas like the sweet peppermint taste of a candy cane. Legend has it that the candy cane originated in Germany about 250 years ago. The original candy cane was an all white, straight, sugary stick. It wasn’t until around 1900 that the red stripes and peppermint flavor were added.  Around 1920, Bob McCormack from Georgia started making them for friends and family. That was the beginning of Bob’s Candies – which is still in business today. Read article
  • Candy, Toys, and Movie Tickets – A New Contest Just for Fans!

    ​“Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.” – Author unknown

    We are so excited for the release of the new Justice League movie that we will be giving away an amazing basket full of Justice League candy and toys, and 4 tickets to see the movie!  

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the great characters from the upcoming movie. 

    Introduced in 1939,

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  • Organic and Delicious Halloween Candy Available in Natural Foods!

    Just because we’re entering into the Candy Overload portion of the year, doesn’t mean you can’t make some healthy decisions for you and your children. This year, the Natural Foods Department at both Jungle Jim’s locations is happy to offer a wide variety of natural and organic options to please even the most ardent candy connoisseur. Check out a few of the candies we have in stock to help make your Halloween and upcoming holidays a little healthier. Read article
  • Take a Chill Pill! Check Out the Gnarly Candy of the 80’s

    ​Still made in Erlanger, Kentucky, Airheads floated onto the scene in 1985. These crazy candies come in cherry, grape, blue raspberry, orange, white mystery, green apple, pink lemonade, and watermelon. Not only do they taste totally rad – they also are great for making fun, edible crafts. Thanks to baseball pitchers Rob Nelson and Jim Bouton, Big League Chew has been a ballpark staple since 1980. Designed as an alternative to chewing tobacco, Big League Chew is now manufactured by Ford Gum. Read article
  • Boogie on Down to Candy From the 70’s!

    ​​A candy icon – Pop Rocks!  Who remembers that funky crackle sound? And boy was it a shock when one exploded! Contrary to popular belief, eating a mixture of Pop Rocks & soda won’t make your stomach explode… but the FDA did set up a hotline for concerned parents!

    ​​Originally developed in 1952 and called Lik-M-Aid, the ever popular Fun Dip, with the powder candy Lik-A-Stix wasn’t introduced until the 1970’s.

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  • Get Into The Groove with Throwback Candy & Toys from the 1960’s!

    ​If you’re feeling groovy, step back in time with me to the 1960’s. Lots of our favorite candies and toys came out in the 60’s, so let’s get started with a local favorite – the Marshmallow Cone.   This light and fluffy snack started production in 1936 by a Cincinnati tailor looking to make some extra money, but didn’t gain popularity until the 1960’s, under new leadership. To this day, every aspect of the MarPro Marshmallow Cone is still done in-house in Cincinnati, Read article
  • Back to the Candy Future – Get Nostalgic with Candy & Toys from the 50’s!

    ​We’re going to take a trip down memory lane and explore the candies of the 1950’s.

    From the 1950’s we have greats such as the Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles, Clark Bars, Oh Henry Candy Bars and NECCO Assorted Wafers. NECCO, which stands for New England Confectionary Company, is the oldest candy company in the U.S. They produce many of the candies from the 1950’s.  

    First up is the NECCO Wafer.

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  • Enter To Win A Spider-Man: Homecoming Candy Basket and Movie Tickets!

    Our Candy Department is ready for an epic and fun year of great Children’s, Fantasy and Superhero films and all the awesome candy we’ll see hit the shelves! We’re so excited that our Fairfield location is partnering with Springdale 18: Cinema De Lux, and our Eastgate location is partnering with Eastgate Brew and View, to bring you a basket full of Spider-Man: Homecoming-inspired candy goodness and 4 tickets for you, your family and friends to check out the new Marvel/Sony film! Read article
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