• Beer Department: Holidays, Beer Styles, & Food Pairings

    ​The gradual approach of the holiday season is cause for plenty of stress, not least of which is the stress about what to drink. Whether attempting to be a gracious guest or an accommodating host, the prospect of selecting the very best libations can be daunting. The challenge is made all the harder if you’re trying to pair your selections with the litany of foods on a holiday table. I’m here to try to de-mystify and streamline your holiday beer choices so you can wow your friends and family with classy, Read article
  • Holidays at the Jungle – The Olive Pit Has a Party Tray Just for You!

    ​Last time we met, we were talking all things Party Trays at The Olive Pit. So, let’s continue, shall we? Simply put, these are the easiest and most customizable appetizer ideas we have at Jungle Jim’s!  

    That’s right! We can customize each tray to your exact specifications. If you want an all antipasti tray, we suggest that you start off with some delicious Jungle Jim’s Antipasto salad, add some marinated garlic mushroom buttons,

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – Creamy and Flavorful Truffle Tremor

    ​This soft ripened goat cheese is every truffle lover’s dream. Made by one of my favorite creameries currently producing, Cypress Grove, this California cheese is the perfect balance of Italian black truffle and creamy goat cheese. 

    The smooth texture combines perfectly with the earthiness of the truffles. We think this can be served as a great dessert cheese, along with something sweet. It has a light feel on the palate, but still offers strong flavor all around.

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – It’s Easy Bein’ Green…

    ​With over 12 feet of shelf space dedicated to these seasonal selections, you won’t find a larger selection of fresh greens in Cincinnati! During the holidays, we purchase and sell A LOT of produce, but right about now, we’re seeing an influx of beautiful, fresh greens in preparation for Thanksgiving and the meals to come!
    On the shelves right now, we have kale, mustard, turnip, and collard, with fresh shipments coming in daily – Read article
  • Holidays at the Jungle – Why You Need Raclette This Holiday Season

    ​Ever walk into a holiday party and wonder what that smell is? Hopefully, what you’re smelling is someone melting Raclette and getting ready to serve it alongside boiled potatoes or steamed veggies.

    Raclette both refers to the cheese itself or the dish, and comes from the French word, racler, meaning “to scrape.” You can melt Raclette cheese on a traditional Raclette melting pan and it’s sure to be a hit at your party (or parties) this year.

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – Party On With Party Trays from The Olive Pit

    ​Looking for a great way to start your party? A tray of delicious olives from our Olive Pit is just what you were looking for. Since we will happily customize olive trays for your entertaining needs, how about we make a few suggestions to make your holiday parties a hit?  

    First up: a wonderful tray of Greek olives! Let’s start with some Kalamatas, then add some Amfissas, our housemade Hot Mediterranean mix for your spicier guests,

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Candy Canes…

    It’s the holidays, so that can only mean… 

    Weird stuff at Jungle Jim’s International Market.

    So we’re excited to showoff some of our favorite holiday candies from last year, and with them, some new flavors to taunt friends and family with.

    Check ’em out. Bacon & Gravy Flavored Candy Canes

    Coffee & Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes Krampus (Cinnamon) & Wasabi Candy Canes Pickle & Coal (Smoky Cinnamon) Candy Canes Which ones will YOU try? Read article
  • Holidays at the Jungle – Reindeer Candy Cane Craft Event!


    ​Nothing says Christmas like the sweet peppermint taste of a candy cane. Legend has it that the candy cane originated in Germany about 250 years ago. The original candy cane was an all white, straight, sugary stick. It wasn’t until around 1900 that the red stripes and peppermint flavor were added.  Around 1920, Bob McCormack from Georgia started making them for friends and family. That was the beginning of Bob’s Candies – which is still in business today. Read article
  • Holidays at the Jungle – Hot Sauce for the Holidays

    ​​It’s easy to play it safe and hit repeat when it comes to holiday meals. So if you’re looking to spice things up and give your holidays a little kick, we have some awesome sauces to check out. 

    These are great on their own, but added to traditional fare like pumpkin or apple pie, cranberry sauce, or even stuffing and on your main dish, each of them add something special to your meals. 

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  • Beer Department: Beer For The Holidays

    ​Now that November is upon us, it’s high time we start thinking about what delicious libations to bring to bear for all of the forthcoming festivities. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and all the merrymaking in between are full of opportunities for gastronomic indulgences, so you need beers that will hold their own against such hefty fare.

    Finding one single beer to pair with everything offered at a typical holiday meal is fairly impossible,

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