• All About Olives: 5 Facts About This Unique Fruit

    Olives aren’t for everybody, but for those people that enjoy the intense saltiness and briny flavor of olives, there is no substitute. But, if you’re not an olive enthusiast, you may not know much about these little fruits. In fact, many people don’t even realize that olives are, indeed, a fruit! That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 fun facts to teach you all about olives. Read on to become an all-around olive expert!

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – The Olive Pit Has a Party Tray Just for You!

    ​Last time we met, we were talking all things Party Trays at The Olive Pit. So, let’s continue, shall we? Simply put, these are the easiest and most customizable appetizer ideas we have at Jungle Jim’s!  

    That’s right! We can customize each tray to your exact specifications. If you want an all antipasti tray, we suggest that you start off with some delicious Jungle Jim’s Antipasto salad, add some marinated garlic mushroom buttons,

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – Party On With Party Trays from The Olive Pit

    ​Looking for a great way to start your party? A tray of delicious olives from our Olive Pit is just what you were looking for. Since we will happily customize olive trays for your entertaining needs, how about we make a few suggestions to make your holiday parties a hit?  

    First up: a wonderful tray of Greek olives! Let’s start with some Kalamatas, then add some Amfissas, our housemade Hot Mediterranean mix for your spicier guests,

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  • Let’s Talk Antipasto – Find Something Tasty at The Olive Pit

    ​Before we get started: the term Antipasto is Italian, from anti- ‘before’ + pasto, from Latin pastus, or ‘food’.  

    In Italian cooking, Antipasto is an appetizer typically consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats. We have a delicious selection of Antipasto for your every mood or need, let’s start with our famous Antipasta. This “salad” is one of ours and our customer’s favorites! A wonderful blend of genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese,

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  • The Olive Pit 101 – “Advanced” Olives

    Now that we’ve talked about what we consider to be “beginner” and “intermediate” olives, let’s talk advanced, you know, olives that are on the bolder side. 

    ​​If you like bold, salty, and pungent then you will love the Moroccan. This olive is salt cured, which means it’s placed in a vat of salt, making this is one of our saltiest and most intense olives.  

    ​If you like green olives, try our Sicilian with Herb olive. Read article
  • The Olive Pit 101 – Intermediate Olives!

    ​Now that you are familiar with the beginner olives, let’s take a stroll into the world of what we’ll call intermediate ones.  ​​If you like a more ripened olive, the Alfonso may be the olive for you! A beautiful purple color, it is meaty, fruity and tart with a bold flavor. The Alfonso olive is in a red wine vinegar brine and is the only olive that we carry that is from South America. Read article
  • The Olive Pit 101 – Over The Brine

    Brine… We’ve heard it referred to as “juice,” so we want to set the record straight and give you a little bit of info about that delicious liquid that makes your olives so tasty.

    The most simple explanation: the brine is the liquid that olives are preserved in, a liquid that is heavily saturated with salt. In the World of Olives, there are several different types.

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  • The Olive Pit Asks: To Pit or Not to Pit…

    That is the question! How does a delicious, whole, Kalamata sound? Now, we’re sure you’re thinking, “Of course the olive is whole! I don’t want it sliced…”  Well, a “whole” olive refers to an olive that still has the pit intact, versus having a pitted olive, which has the pit removed.  

    Whole olives or pitted olives is an age old question. Some things to consider when trying to decide between the two:

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  • Olive Pit 101 – Let’s Learn About The Olive Pit!

    ​Welcome to the first installment of Olive Pit 101! This is an introduction to the wonderfully fascinating – and delicious – world of olives!  This week, we’re going to discuss a few of the basics when it comes to olives. For instance: did you know that olives are a fruit? They are! They’re grown on a tree, like an apple, and the tree is grown by starting with a seed. Olives can come with or without the pit, Read article
  • Eastgate, Say Hello to Your All-New Olive Pit!

    You may have missed it, but The Olive Pit has moved – and transformed – at our Eastgate location. Until recently, you could find this incredible selection of olives from around the world next to our awesome Beer & Wine Department.

    Now, you can find The Olive Pit attached to our Deli Department, just across from our Produce Department, and just a short walk away from our Cheese Shop. Everything you need to make fruit,

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